Pani Tracie

My name is Pani Tracie.  I am new to this program and love working with children.  The happiness in children’s eyes when they discover something new is so rewarding.  Having two school age children I have volunteered in their programs and this has uncovered my passion for working in early childhood education.  I have my … Read more

Pani Olha

My name is Pani Olha, originally from Ukraine. I have a background as a biology teacher in my home country. I have my CCA. Currently, my family and I live in North Kildonan. One of my greatest joys in life is spending time playing with children, as their boundless curiosity and enthusiasm never fail to … Read more

Parents Play a Part!

At Lubov parent participation is necessary to help us provide a clean and safe environment for your children and to provide the quality of care that is necessary. The following are several ways that parents can choose to take part: Lubov Nursery School Executive Board of Directors: The Board consists of parent volunteer members along … Read more

Healthy Snack Policy

Immaculate Heart of Mary Lubov Nursery School is Peanut and Nut Free! We encourage all children to bring a small healthy snack. Snack time is usually short, five to ten minutes and it is usually more about the social aspect and the gathering together than the fact that the children are very hungry. Please send … Read more

Inclusion Policy

At Immaculate Heart of Mary Lubov Nursery School we welcome and accept children of all abilities. Our program supports the full inclusion of children who require additional support because of physical, cognitive, social, or emotional needs.  The classroom is carefully and thoughtfully arranged so that all children can move freely and make choices based on … Read more

Behavior Management Policy

According to licensing regulations, a licensee shall not permit, practice, or inflict any form of physical punishment or verbal or emotional abuse upon, or the denial of any physical necessities to, any child in attendance at the child care centre. Immaculate Heart of Mary Lubov Nursery School (Sadochok) is committed to providing a clean, safe, … Read more

Child Abuse Policy

At Lubov we have a responsibility to protect your children. According to the law, if we suspect any form of child abuse, it will be reported immediately to the authorities. Any form of abuse witnessed will be reported to the Child and Family Services Office. 

Time for Two’s Program

Time for Two’s is a program for children and their caregivers. Children in this programattend with a caregiver and the caregiver must supervise their child and are invited totake part with their child in the activities in the program. The Time for Two’s experience is the first level of our program in what may become … Read more

AM/PM Class Activities

Prayer and Circle – After all of the children have arrived the class will have circle time. All children are gathered together and welcomed in a big friendly circle. We sing and take note of who is present or absent, (pre-soot-ney and pre-soot-neya). Memory verses, topics of the day, Star of the Week, Baba Bag, … Read more

Scholastic Books

Scholastic books are available to those who wish to buy good quality inexpensive books for your children. You are under no obligation to participate. Your book orders help us earn wonderful free books and classroom supplies for our classroom. New order forms will be sent home each month and will be placed in your child’s … Read more