Behavior Management Policy

According to licensing regulations, a licensee shall not permit, practice, or inflict any form of physical punishment or verbal or emotional abuse upon, or the denial of any physical necessities to, any child in attendance at the child care centre.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Lubov Nursery School (Sadochok) is committed to providing a clean, safe, caring and nurturing Christian environment in which children can grow, develop, play and socialize. All discipline stems from a concern for the safety and happiness of all children, rooted in a loving and caring atmosphere. It is always positive and helpful.

 We recognize that each child is a unique individual; learning and growing, sometimes through mistakes. Difficulties and misunderstandings become a daily challenge for children as they develop their own personality. We also recognize that a child’s experience in his or her family and culture can influence behavior patterns. Early in each child’s first experience of nursery school, the teachers explain the importance of caring, sharing, cooperation and safety. We exemplify acceptable behavior in our learning environment. Our goal remains constant with regard to discipline – to assist children in developing self-control, self-confidence, self-discipline and a sensitivity to others in their reaction to daily situations. Discipline is channeled to reinforce appropriate and acceptable behaviors. It’s intention is to help children become self-disciplined, using their own thoughts and skills to solve frustrating problems. At IHM Lubov, we take the time to listen to the children and to exchange thoughts and ideas that can lead us to a positive solution to problems. Using demonstration and repetition, we encourage the children to express their emotions verbally and to listen to one another.

Behavior management strategies will be adapted to meet the developmental needs of each child and will take into consideration the child’s inclusion support needs. If necessary, a child will be removed from the situation for a few minutes to help them deal with their frustration and think more clearly. Teacher and child will evaluate “why” a particular behavior is unacceptable and “what” would be a better reaction in a similar circumstance. Established guidelines are reinforced and limitations are outlined in a consistent manner. The emphasis is on growth and improvement, encouraging positive interactions among teachers and students, realistic expectations of children’s capabilities and logical consequences for behavior. 

We understand that our program may not be suited to all children and if all efforts are made to transition your child into our program and there are still concerns regarding your child’s behavior then we will discuss with you the possibility that you may have to withdraw your child from our program.