Time for Two’s Program

Time for Two’s is a program for children and their caregivers. Children in this programattend with a caregiver and the caregiver must supervise their child and are invited totake part with their child in the activities in the program. The Time for Two’s experience is the first level of our program in what may become … Read more

AM/PM Class Activities

Prayer and Circle – After all of the children have arrived the class will have circle time. All children are gathered together and welcomed in a big friendly circle. We sing and take note of who is present or absent, (pre-soot-ney and pre-soot-neya). Memory verses, topics of the day, Star of the Week, Baba Bag, … Read more

Enrollment Eligibility

Children ages 2-5 will be accepted according to licensing requirements.  For entry into the Time for Two’s program, children must be 2 years old by December 31 of the respective school year.  We recommend that 3 year old children be placed in the AM program (Tues. Thurs.) and 4 year old children in the PM … Read more

Program Fees

Program Monthly Fee Time for Twos $20.00 AM $40.00 PM $60.00