Healthy Snack Policy

Immaculate Heart of Mary Lubov Nursery School is Peanut and Nut Free! We encourage all children to bring a small healthy snack. Snack time is usually short, five to ten minutes and it is usually more about the social aspect and the gathering together than the fact that the children are very hungry.

Please send one or two items and a drink. Water is fine for a drink. Cheese and crackers, applesauce, raw fruit ( ie. apple slices, banana, berries etc.), raw vegetables ( ie. Carrot sticks, celery, snap peas, broccoli etc.), a small sandwich, yogurt, pita bread & hummus dip, homemade(nut free) oatmeal or banana muffins, rice cake, non-sugar coated dry cereal, these are all good choices. When a child has too many snack choices it is difficult for him/her to decide what to eat and then snack time is over. We are asking that caregivers send only 1 or 2 items in your child’s snack bag. At home, show your child what choices they have and ask them to choose what they would like. 

Please do not send chocolate of any kind, fun fruits, fruit roll ups, or other sugary snacks that are not healthy. We discourage chips and fast food because of the high salt content in these snacks. If a child brings a snack that may contain nuts or is considered a “treat” and not healthy we will explain to the child why they may not eat it at school and have them choose something different form their snack bag. If they do not have any other options we may offer to provide a snack from our own supply. Please read all labels carefully!