Lubov Nursery School Executive Board of Directors:

The Board consists of parent volunteer members along with members from IHMS and St. Anne Church. Members are elected annually at an Annual General Meeting in September. The Board is expected to determine general policies for the nursery school, assist with hiring, support the teachers, encourage and advise the director and staff, ensure the financial stability of the organization through fundraising, personal gifts, government assistance, or other funding organizations and be a responsible manager of these funds and keep the Nursery School operating with the given finances. Positions are open to any interested parent. The most important responsibility is that of CONFIDENTIALITY. The members must commit their time and energy to the nursery school and meet about once a month to ensure the smooth operation of the nursery school.

The President/Chairperson – Ashley Nolin
The Vice-Chairperson – Carole Gingera-Kowalchuk
The Secretary – Brittany Holoyukh
The Treasurer – Sara Gillies

The nursery school also requires parents to volunteer for various positions.